Ein getragener Verein

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Last Plenum: 27/06/2023
Next Plenum: 11/07/2023
Location: Albufer;
Time: 6:15PM;
(Of the Space)
  1. Being in the space is consenting to the rules.
  2. We are against all forms of discrimination and do not tolerate discriminatory behaviors.
  3. We commonly decide on the language(s)/vocabulary we feel good to communicate in.
  4. We acknowledge that each of us has a different background/personality/taste and respect that.
  5. If someone’s in need of a timeout or is not feeling well, you can leave without justifying or talk to Nina, Sven or Tim to provide you with a breakout room.
  6. If we don’t understand a word/phrase or if we don’t agree with its interpretation/translation by another person, it can be added to our common glossary.
  7. We don’t assume other people’s pronouns while addressing them.
  8. We let each other talk.
  9. In a discussion, if you are a person who normally talks a lot in discussions, allow for others to hold space.
  10. In formal discussions, we agree on certain hand-signs for communication.
  • Dokumenta 15 Handbuch, Collective // EN, physical // Status: available
  • Extra-curricular, Onomatopee 163 // EN, physical // Status: available
  • Knots, R.D. Laing // DE, physical // Status: borrowed // referenced at (Plenum/13/06/2023)



The glossary is under construction as well…